Mallorca. Cycling. The Sun and You.

Mallorca. Cycling. The Sun and You.

Beware of the sun. Beware of the sun even more if you come from a country where it is rarely seen! 


Apply sunscreen with a high SPF, and reapply it regularly as roughly 80% of it comes off through sweating. Yes, even to your head if you do not have thick hair, the sun finds you through your helmet. Don’t forget areas such as your neck, ears, tops of knees.
You can even burn through clothing, so its worth applying to your whole body and wearing clothing with a decent UV protection.


Some kind of peak on or under your helmet might not look cool, but it protects your nose and lips.


Protect those eyes. High UV rated are best.

Electrolytes and fluid

Sweating removes fluids and essential salts. Replacing them in the correct amounts is wise. Coffee and lunch stops should include plenty of H2O!


Find shade when you are resting. It may feel good to lie in the sun. Unless you are used to it, ouch!

Middle of the day

We all know about mad dogs and.... depending on the time of year, you will be better off doing the bulk of your cycling in the mornings before the day heats up.

Include all the above into your routine and do not be shy helping others as around 30% of all cycling visitors to Mallorca spend at least 1 day of their holiday recovering from some kind of sun stroke.