Your best 7 days in Mallorca

Your best 7 days in Mallorca

Day 1 - Arrival day (70km with 1300m of climbing)

Bay Of Pollenca route
Thought you would just do Cap Formentor, then back to Port Pollenca? Do our route and you will ride right around Pollenca Bay to Cap Pinar. Stunning.

This very popular route is a must - Cap Formentor and the Talaia d'Albercutx climb above Formentor Beach then on the beach road all the way through Alcudia, Bonaire and up La Victoria.

Day 2 - Mallorca's Best Route (115 to 162km with 2400 or 4300m climbing)

Is this the best cycle route in the world? Well it is certainly the best in Mallorca. If I was given only one more ride ever, this would be it. Take one of the scheduled bike buses to Andratx and then ride a return route of between 115km and 162km across the spine of the world heritage Serra de Tramuntana. Your cycling soul will thank you forever for this. None of the routes are easy, but all are worthwhile. Very worthwhile.

Day 3 100km with 700m of climbing

An easier day today through the Mallorca plains going from : Alcudia - Muro - Sineu - Petra - Can Picafort - Alcudia

Plenty of lanes and even smaller farm roads (cami rurals) if you wish to take any detours. Also going through Sineu and Petra with their squares and cafés which are sure to be paying host to other cyclists. 

Day 4 (110km and 2200m of climbing)

Time for the world famous Sa Calobra. May take a while for the legs to get loose after day 2's exertions but this route starts on the flat to get things moving.

Alcudia - Coll de Sa Batalla - Sa Calobra - Coll de Femenia - Pollenca - Alcudia or take the Sa Calobra Express to ride the climb with fresh legs or use the kilometres you have saved to explore further and include the beautiful Cala Tuent section.

Day 5

Take a Palma excursion and experience this wonderful small city. 

Day 6 between 95km and 130km

Time for the tranquil Orient Valley and the helter skelter of the Coll de Sóller and its 56 hairpin bends.

Depending on how your legs are feeling, you have a number of options.

  1.  The full return circular route 130km with 2500m of climbing
  2. Take the Sa Calobra Express to the aqueduct at the base of Puig Major before descending into Sóller, then ascending the Coll de Sóller, into the Orient Valley and home via the undulating roads on this route 98km with 1700m climbing
  3. Take a bus out + bike back shuttle to Valldemossa and ride along the coast into Sóller, then ascending the Coll de Sóller, into the Orient Valley and home via the undulating roads on this route 95km with 1500m of climbing

Day 7

Depending on how much cycling time you have on your final day (and how your legs are doing) we suggest either the Double Monastery route and its climbs to experience the 360° views of the island from San Salvador and the Puig de Randa summits;  or Cap Formentor again (with or without Talaia d'Albercutx; a sports massage for your legs or a ramble through the lanes (no matter how lost you think you are, never fear, keep going in the same direction for 20 minutes and you will arrive at a landmark or a village!) but maybe you really are able to get lost and stay longer :-)

No matter how long you are out here cycling for, we strongly recommend that you take out the Mallorca Bicycle Rescue cover so that if bike or body does break down, you are not going to waste your valuable holiday time waiting for that taxi which is renowned for not turning up (or finally arriving and refusing to put your bike in the vehicle) or continuing to ride and hurting yourself further.