What makes a cycling paradise?

What makes a cycling paradise?

What do we need as ingredients to achieve this cycling nirvana?

  1. Fantastic road surfaces with sparse traffic and courteous drivers
  2. A large mountain range with climbs of a taxing but not too taxing gradient
  3. Categorised climbs all the way up to HC and up to 15km in length
  4. Thousands of km of undulating roads through quiet farmland and vineyards and coastal areas for variety
  5. Breathtaking beauty
  6. Of course we need good weather. Really good weather. Minimum 308 days of sun each year
  7. Throw in a wide range of accommodation for all budgets
  8. A huge array of restaurants with fresh; tasty; wholesome locally grown produce
  9. A support network for cyclists consisting of bike shops; bike rental; bike rescue; massages; organised bus out, bike back tours; airport transfers etc etc
  10. Oh, and lets have it all on an island close to Europe, within easy flying distance serviced my numerous airlines to keep the prices low and the choices wide
  11. Sprinkle in some amazing beaches
  12. Some historic attractions
  13. A few bright lights and good shopping in a small but vibrant city
  14. Would it be too cheeky to also have the top professional riders training on the same roads with their teams each winter and spring? 
  15. Maybe our dream cycling destination could also have some of the very top cycling routes in the world? 
  16. Maybe we can greedily throw in one of the top 10 climbs in the world?
  17. Finally it should be within the Eurozone so that any medical needs are well covered and prices are reasonable and consistent.

There we have it, a place to go to get our annual cycling fix away from your normal routes, your inconsistent weather, and your poorly maintained roads.

The above place already exists, it is called Mallorca (Majorca by the British) and we love it! The UNESCO world heritage Serra de Tramuntana mountains are the lumpy bit providing the world class climbs and sweeping descents.

Come for the warm Mediterranean climate and the world renowned climbs. Come back because of the varied terrain, beautiful routes on amazing well maintained roads, varied delicious food and the excellent infrastructure.

Come back to feed your cycling soul.

When best to visit cycling paradise?