Suggested DIY Itineraries

Suggested DIY Itineraries

If you choose to stay in the North of the island as we recommend (easier route access; wide range of accommodation and restaurant choice to suit all budgets; all the cycling related services you may need).

Here are our suggestions for how to make the most of your limited time. No waiting around and no filler miles. The routes chosen ensure you get to squeeze in the maximum.

All routes include brilliant scenery, great surfaces and no fluff. Expect the best undulating roads combined with a fair amount of climbing followed by exhilarating descents. Tired legs and amazing memories are loaded with you gratis onto the return flight.

One of our readers posted his Cheeky 3 Day weekend for others to see.

Pro tip: get local bike rescue as sometimes sh*t happens, usually at the least opportune time.  Murphy’s law and all that. Don’t be that person that holds up the group – everyone’s time here is precious.